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In alignment with our mission to create and maintain natural healing communities across the globe, It Takes a Village Ministry is pleased to announce the establishment of our International Headquarters. The ITAV International Headquarters with Community Learning Center will be a heart based self-sustaining ecovillage focused on health freedom, community outreach, permaculture, and personal responsibility, located on a beautiful 5-acre piece of land in Greenwood Florida, USA.  


We are seeking a dedicated and diverse group of likeminded proactive individuals to plan, execute and maintain the development of this communal program. We are designing not only a primary village but also a seeking to create a well-researched, replicable template for other communities in our global village to use as a model to replicate with greater ease in their respective locations. Our vision is for It Takes a Village Ministry to become an extensive network of interconnected natural healing communities that foster a new age of peace and prosperity for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.


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