The It Takes A Village Ministry, Inc, a 501(c) 3 non profit organization that has been in operation since 2009.  Our fundamental mission is to empower the neighborhoods that make up our community.  


In an effort to recreate the “village”, we wish to collaborate with all the churches, businesses and individuals globally that share an interest in our vision.  By coming together as concerned citizens of the world, we can better assess and subsequently meet the needs of the community at large.


We Invite YOU to become a part of the VILLAGE

We invite you to make an appointment to discuss the details of this dynamic ministry and ways in which we can collaborate with your community organization and/or discuss your personal level of interest in joining It Takes a Village Ministry, Inc. in our collaborative efforts to uplift communities through spiritual, economical and social empowerment.  


In closing, we would like to stress that we welcome your thoughts and feedback on the issues presented to you in this letter.  With your valuable assistance, we can work together to carry out the mission that God has given us all: the service to our brothers and sisters.  


As a village we will stand, as individuals we will fall. Feel free to complete a Service Commitment Pledge, and/or book a Community Empowerment Call with our program Director Dr. Michelle Gamble, DN.

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