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The It Takes A Village Ministry, Inc, a 501(c) 3 non profit organization that has been in operation since 2009.  Our fundamental mission is to empower the neighborhoods that make up our community.  


In an effort to recreate the “village”, we wish to collaborate with all the religious groups, businesses, social organizations and individuals globally that share an interest in our vision.  By coming together as concerned citizens of the world, we can better assess and subsequently meet the needs of the community at large.



Visit our YouTube Channel. 

A significant part of our organization's mission is to educate the community.  Subsequently, we release many videos on a variety of topics to promote healing for individuals and groups.  Your voice and support are priceless.

  1. Be sure to subscribe and click on the notification bell to get alerts on when we release new videos. 

  2. Like and share any videos that speak to your heart.

  3. Make comments. 


Visit our Mommy Heal Thyself Podcast. 

The mission of Mommy Heal Thyself is to nurture women with chronic illness who sacrifice their personal health and well-being caring for others to the point of pure exhaustion or hospitalization.

The medical system and society as a whole has failed us, and we choose to break free...

We say NO to a life of pain and suffering from all forms of preventable disease, toxic drugs, and unnecessary surgeries.

We believe wombmen are created in God's image. Therefore, being a healer is our divine birthright.

We boldly reclaim our ability to heal ourselves to be there for the ones we love with passion, power and peace.

And we say YES to creating a life filled with the Seven Ps - POWER, PASSION, PEACE, PROSPERITY, PROTECTION, PURPOSE, and PROMISE.


Host Community Events in Collaboration with ITAV Ministry

We invite you to make an appointment to discuss the details of this dynamic ministry and ways in which we can collaborate with your community organization and/or discuss your personal level of interest in joining It Takes a Village Ministry, Inc. in our collaborative efforts to uplift communities through spiritual, economical and social empowerment.  


As a village we will stand strong, as individuals we will fall in weakness. Feel free to complete a Service Commitment Pledge, and/or book a Community Empowerment Call with our program Director Dr. Michelle Gamble, DN.


Support Our Mission with Financial Contributions

  1. ​​Become a Corporate Sponsor - Contact Dr. Michelle Gamble

  2. Become a Patron of ITAV with a Monthly Reoccurring Donation

  3. Make a One Time Donation (click the link) or by mail

             It Takes a Village Ministry

             3990 Whispering Pines Circle

             Greenwood, FL 32443


Become a Member of one of the Local Communities in the Global Healing Village

ITAV Freedom Cells are local, peer to peer groups typically consisting of around 8 people. Cell members organize themselves in a decentralized manner with the goal of empowering group members through education, peaceful non-compliance, and the creation of parallel institutions. Think of it as your activist support network.

As a member of SASSUA/SABSUA, you will meet others, in real life and online, who share a passion for natural healing and personal empowerment. 

SASSUA focuses on women’s health issues, holistic personal and family wellness, finances, emotional wellbeing, mental health, natural family planning, childrearing and education, and more.

SABSUA focuses on men’s health issues, holistic personal and family wellness, finances, emotional wellbeing, mental health, natural family planning, childrearing and education, and more.



Become a Community Steward in Our Global Healing Village

Are you a natural Leader? Want to share your passion for natural holistic healing with others? Consider starting a new SASSUA/SABSUA Chapter or become a Community Steward for an existing group!  Community Stewards communicate with our international organization- It Takes a Village Ministry, coordinate chapter volunteers in organizing monthly meetings and events, and help support our local Chapter communities. Our stewards are loving, passionate, dedicated, and committed to nurturing a community of women who are interested in real life connections with like-minded people.

To learn details about starting and leading a new SASSUA/SABSUA Chapter in your area, or becoming a leader of an existing chapter, please contact Or Book An Appointment


Become a Business Steward in Our Global Healing Village

Are you a Business Owner or Director of a Non Profit Organization who seeks to create a strong foundation that benefits People, Profits, and Purpose? We invite you to become a part of our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. The members of the ITAV Business ecosystem are committed to helping each other increase income, influence, and impact through self-mastery, process mastery, and influence mastery.  These Business Stewards recognize that to create empowered sustainable communities, we cultivate our unique talents and stand strong in our unique heroic identity.  

To learn details about becoming an ITAV Business Steward, please contact Or Book an Appointment

7 Ways to Support and/or Become a Part of the VILLAGE

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