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Be part of our Natural Holistic Healing Global Village

Join or Create a SASSUA chapter in your local area.

Find support, information, sisterhood, and resources for your journey to Birth the Goddess within!

Click the JOIN NOW button to be taken to our PATRON LEVELS and BENEFITS page to learn more about the different sponsor levels and benefits. Please complete the entire process, including online payment, to obtain your SASSUA Membership. As membership serves as a contribution to our non-profit organization, membership fees are non-refundable. Once payment is received and processed, there will be no refunds due to Chapter closings, or similar circumstances. All Global benefits of membership will continue regardless of affiliate Chapter status.





About Our Local Chapters

Get Connected! Every local chapter of SASSUA holds monthly meetings to bring like-minded women together to discuss issues of interest and connect.

Many Chapters welcome local professionals as guest speakers and may offer additional activities, such as playgroups, moms nights out, book clubs, or organic food buying co-operatives. We encourage our members to become actively involved in their chapters to help build their communities and help them thrive. Contact us to find a local SASSUA Chapter in your area to connect with other holistic healing women! Even if no local Chapter exists, you can become a member of our growing International Village and take advantage of our benefits of membership. You may also consider starting your own community.  SASSUA works with women of all backgrounds and skills to help build your chapter. Even if you have no experience in volunteer organizations, we are here to help every step of the way. 


Sisters In Need Scholarship

It is our desire that every woman who wishes to belong to our community is able to do so. That is why we established the Sisters in Need Scholarship Program. We are grateful to be able to offer memberships to women who would like to become – or continue to be – members but are unable to do so because of financial hardship.

Our Sisters in Need Scholarship Program is designed to help those who are facing difficult financial situations including but not limited to those who are temporarily unemployed, or receiving state or federal aid.

Sisters in Need memberships are awarded based on financial need and are funded through generous donations from individuals, sponsors, and other donors. All application information provided will be kept confidential.

Want to become a Sponsor of the Sisters in Need Scholarship program or wish to be considered for a Sisters in Need Membership? Contact us at 


Become a Leader

Are you a natural Leader? Want to share your passion for natural holistic healing with others? Consider starting a new SASSUA Chapter or become a Chapter Steward for an existing group!

Chapter Stewards communicate with our international organization- It Takes a Village Ministry, coordinate chapter volunteers in organizing monthly meetings and events, and help support our local SASSUA Chapter communities. Our stewards are loving, passionate, dedicated, and committed to nurturing a community of women who are interested in real life connections with like-minded people.

To learn details about starting and leading a new SASSUA Chapter in your area, or becoming a leader of an existing chapter, please contacts and request a Leadership Application.


Start a Chapter

Looking to connect with other women but no Chapter exists near you? Joining SASSUA connects you with other women who support our mission to encourage and promote natural holistic healing, who encourage each other, educate one another, and learn from one another through our online and in person communities. If you are interested in a local chapter, consider starting a chapter in your neighborhood and connect locally with other natural holistic healing women!!

Building a new community takes energy, passion, dedication, and commitment. SASSUA looks for Chapter Stewards who possess these virtues, as well as leadership and organizational skills. Not everyone qualifies to be a Steward, but those that do find it rewarding and satisfying. We are looking for a select few women who are willing to be changemakers and provide support to their area! If you feel you are a good candidate for leadership, LEARN MORE..

Interested in finding out more about starting a chapter? All your questions answered below!

Why should I start a SASSUA Chapter?

Starting a new chapter of SASSUA within our International organization, It Takes a Village Ministry, Inc is an exciting and rewarding adventure! You will:

  • Meet others who share your views and passions.

  • Develop new friendships.

  • Foster a nurturing sisterhood.

  • Create a positive environment where natural Holistic healing-minded women share their experiences and natural health knowledge, without criticism.

  • Provide valuable support to women throughout your area who may be struggling to live healthfully in the face of pressure from well-meaning family members, friends, or society at large.

  • Organize monthly meetings to help your community learn about numerous topics of interest from each other or from holistic experts, who may serve as guest speakers, and strengthen the network of natural holistic healing-minded women, alternative health providers, and holistic professionals in your own backyard!

  • Satisfy your own passion for educating others about natural holistic healing.



It Takes a Village Ministry supports chapters by providing leadership training, ongoing mentorship, a step-by-step chapter co-leaders’ manual, and a wealth of resources – including stewards’ Google Drive, a closed Stewards Facebook group, and written materials.

As SASSUA Stewards, you have a voice both within your Chapter and beyond. Your volunteer role can be a very rewarding one and will increase your influence and impact amongst many like-minded women in your local area. It Takes a Village Ministry, Inc. is dedicated to helping make your chapter a success. We provide the tools to make your chapter possible and build a thriving community!

Please note: We are a community-building organization and abide by a non-solicitation policy within our Chapters. While some of our Leaders are holistic healthcare professionals or business owners, within SASSUA, their primary focus is to build a chapter and strengthen It Takes a Village Ministry’s Vision and Purpose.  Our communities are not about marketing a specific product, company, or practice, but rather about building authentic grassroots communities.

What’s involved in running a SASSUA Chapter?

As with any organization, running a chapter of SASSUA brings with it certain responsibilities:

  • New Chapters are required to have two Co-Stewards to kick off.

  • To get the chapter started, you will need to set up a meeting location, date and time; select topics of interest for the group; advertise your chapter locally; and field inquiries from prospective members. SASSUA will help guide you through each of these steps.

  • Once your chapter is up and running, you and your local co-leaders will continue to plan meetings, invite guest speakers, advertise your chapter, and manage your chapter funds.

  • You may also choose to add new activities to your chapter, such as playgroups, a book club, or a lending library, for example – but these are not requirements and you can add activities as your chapter grows. The more members you have, the more activities you may wish to offer – and to delegate to your members.

  • Most importantly, you need commitment, passion, and energy to see your Chapter through to success. Getting your community going and seeing it thrive may not always be a smooth process, but our Leaders are dynamic and persistent, and are motivated to succeed.

I already meet with a group of natural holistic healing-minded women. Can we become a Chapter?

Absolutely! Becoming a chapter of SASSUA provides you with an opportunity to join a larger community and to be part of our not-for-profit corporation.

Our International organization, It Takes a Village Ministry, Inc. will:

  • help guide your chapter, 

  • provide you with ideas for future activities, 

  • build all the tools needed for chapter success, including a chapter email address, 

  • process memberships and send out communications with members regarding their memberships,

  • design a chapter webpage,

  • create chapter social media accounts,

  • assist you with maintaining your chapter’s own online members group.

All of our chapters have the freedom to meet their members’ needs, so if your existing group has specific interests, you will likely be able to incorporate them into your SASSUA chapter. In addition, a portion of each annual SASSUA membership fee is given to the chapter in order to fund its activities and cover local expenses, such as the costs involved in creating fliers or renting out meeting space, if necessary.

How much does it cost to start a SASSUA Chapter?

All chapter leaders must be Patrons of It Takes a Village Ministry, Inc.  Basic Annual Membership is $50 per year (Monthly subscription of $5 is available), a tax-deductible contribution to our organization. For your patronage you receive many great benefits.

Chapter Stewards must become Patrons at the Stewardship level or higher.  Benefits of this level include bi-weekly Stewardship Training sessions and a Leadership Training Kit, which includes the Chapter Leader Manual, leadership materials and online trainings, plus access to our online resources.



Okay, I want to get started! What do I do now?

Great! First, make sure we don’t already have an active or launching chapter in your area by contacting us. If there is no chapter in your area, you may request to be considered by contacting us. We look forward to working with you to build a new natural holistic healing community in your area!

If you have any questions, contact us at or by phone at (850) 404-2540. Thank you!

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