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Hope and Healing Tour

At each location, we offer up to five days filled with empowering events including a screening of the documentary "Medical Racism " which was produced by Urban Global Health Alliance and a series of four other in person presentations.  During this week, we will teach people how to heal themselves using natures gifts of foods, essential oils, herbs and drugless therapies such as breathwork and healing touch.

Medical Racism

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Are In

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Why People Don't Heal

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Girls Night Out

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Heal Thyself

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It Takes A Village Ministry, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization that is dedicated to creating global change in the area of health through local movements - going into all communities regardless of race, creed, sociopolitical economics.  We believe that our strongest source of provision and immunity is having a STRONG COMMUNITY. During this tour, we also seek to identify men and women who wish to be leaders in their local areas by being a part of a global network of Community Stewards. We will assist these women and men in creating and sustaining Healing Sanctuaries for women and men to gather in their respective groups to support each other physically, mentally, and emotionally.  We will also offer these Community Stewards the opportunity to be part of an International Mastermind group of business professionals who are dedicated to serving their communities.

Summarily, the main purpose of the Hope and Healing Tour is to let people know, "Fear not. You are not alone, and YOU have the God Given Power to Heal Yourself!" The wise adage states that Actions Speak Louder than Words. Subsequently, we must go everywhere IN PERSON, demonstrating with our actions that we are not afraid, we have faith and that we are seeking to build community, by any means necessary. 

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