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Solidarity of Aisha Sisters

for the

Survival and Upliftment of All

Feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of life?  Get the sense that you are alone in doing things "differently"? You're not!


As a member of SASSUA, you will meet others, in real life and online, who share a passion for natural healing and personal empowerment. 


In the beginning, God created a Woman to complement Man. Her name was Aisha (also known as Eve). The women of SASSUA collectively strive to embody the meaning of her name, “one who has the will and the power to conceive and to express personal desires, thoughts, and plans.


Most importantly, Aisha sisters recognize that “All is One”; therefore create a support network to be able to uplift themselves and others in a holistic manner.


SASSUA focuses on women’s health issues, holistic personal and family wellness, finances, emotional wellbeing, mental health, natural family planning, childrearing and education, and more.


Meetings include a short educational presentation, food preparation demos, networking and more...

Interested in Starting a Chapter in your area?  Contact us using the form below or click on the link below to schedule a chat with us.
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